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“Tanoyaku”is a monthly magazine comprised of reprinted articles comprised mostly of reprinted articles from different publications. They aren’t sold in bookstores and convenience stores. It sure is a unique magazine. you can only read them in the largest hotel-chain in Japan called Toyoko-inn (50,447 rooms as of July 2017). Considering the average occupation rate of the rooms which is 83% and multiplying that by annual count, it is a great medium for your publication to be promoted to 15.3 million people. (1.27 million people per month).
vol.160 1.August,2017

Naturality is beyond our powers.
Nothing less, nothing more.
It goes with the flow.
Nothing stops its way.

This single word.
Harmony, calmness, and warmth.
It withstands against society
and seeks for its great one goal that has still not yet revealed.

Stars clam down your nerves.
Flowers relieve you when you are down.
It comes all natural to us with strong powers that is completely out of our reach.

Look up to the sky to freshen your nerves.
Wind will help you wipe off the tears.
Ocean can help you forget about your past.

It’s been given, allocated, and shared.
We have been given the power to think and imagine.
Maybe just maybe but we may all have been given these power to construct the world
that nature actually seeks.

After all, we are all part of nature.

Please read through, dive in and enjoy.

This great nature, this nature that is absolutely forgiving.

8月号(vol.160)の解答 ●オール漢字パズル 7月号(vol.159)の解答 ●漢字太郎
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答えはあなたの中にある しみじみ地蔵の道あんない あたまのなかさえはるならば 美しい色の町なみ キネマ旬報『映画感想文2017』
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